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Accommodation in Dhikala Tourism Zone

Dhikala forest lodge has 32 rooms in its 06 wings and can be classified as follows:

1. New Forest Rest House : No of Rooms - 04
2. Old Forest Rest House: No of rooms -05
3. Dhikala Annexe: No of Rooms 07
4. Hutment: No of rooms 06
5. Cabins: No of Rooms 06
6. All Range quarters: No of Rooms 04

All though the accommodation is not the luxury one but all the 32 rooms at Dhikala forest lodge has attached bathrooms and running hot water (solar).

Dhikala forest lodge also has 02 dormitories, each dormitory has 12 beds. Both the dormitories have common bathrooms.

Dhikala forest Lodge is located in the core area of Corbett national park, it is enclosed by the effective solar fence to keep wild animals away.

Pictures Showing different types of Accommodation at Dhikala Tourist Complex.